Foundry VI


We try to use assert equal, less than and greater than expressions for testing our values in solidity code.


We import assert from DSTest

Dappsys Test (DSTest for short) provides basic logging and assertion functionality. It is included in the Forge Standard Library.

To get access to the functions, import forge-std/Test.sol and inherit from Test in your test contract:

import “forge-std/Test.sol”;

contract AccessModifiers is Test {

// … tests …



  • assertEq, assert equal

(Where <type> can be address, bytes32, int, uint)

  • assertLt, assert less than

(Where <type> can be int, uint)

  • assertLe, assert less than or equal to

(Where <type> can be int, uint)

  • assertGt, assert greater than

(Where <type> can be int, uint)

  • assertGe, assert greater than or equal to

(Where <type> can be int, uint)

  • assertEqDecimal, assert equal decimals

(Where <type> can be int, uint)

  • assertTrue, assert to be true

(Asserts the condition is true.)



forge test -vvvv

Source: DSTest Reference

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