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Learn EVM Opcodes Series Overview

Welcome to the comprehensive series on understanding Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Opcodes! This series is designed for individuals aiming to deepen their knowledge of the Solidity programming language, focusing on security aspects and low-level operations. Through this journey, you will gain insights into how smart contracts operate at the bytecode level, enhancing your ability to write secure and efficient code, audit smart contracts, and understand the intricacies of EVM execution.

Learn EVM Opcodes I

Would you like to learn what bytecode and opcode are ? Welcome ! If you want to improve yourself in the field of security in Solidity language, you should definitely learn the opcodes. In this serie, I will try to explain the basics of opcodes in detail.

Learn EVM Opcodes II

It’s time to learn what the basic opcodes are. If you learn these opcodes, you can dominate the long bytecode sequences. You would like to understand ADD, SUB, POP,DIV and MUL opcodes. Welcome ! Each opcode will be shown both visually and in code implementation.

Learn EVM Opcodes III

We will perform various manipulations on the largest number on the EVM. Thanks to this study, you will better understand the working (clock) logic of EVM.

Learn EVM Opcodes IV

We are continuing to progress in opcode business. In this lesson you will learn many new opcodes. These are MOD, EXP, LT,GT, EQ, ISZERO, SHL,SHR and BYTE

Learn EVM Opcodes V

SHA3, CALLDATA, CALLDATALOAD, CALLVALUE, CODESIZE and GASLIMIT new opcodes. Today, in the fifth lesson of our series, as you can guess, we will dive into more boring and difficult opcode topics.

Learn EVM Opcodes VI

We start this section with memory, one of the most important databases of EVM. I try to explain how MSTORE opcode is working.

Learn EVM Opcodes VII

We dealt with MSTORE8, MLOAD and Return opcodes in this lesson.

Learn EVM Opcodes VIII

Time to learn the bytecode introduction block of the all solidity contracts. What is the mystery behind this fucking 3 opcodes ?

Learn EVM Opcodes IX

We focus on SLOAD Opcode and how storage works in EVM.

Learn EVM Opcodes X

We focus on the relationship among SLOAD opcode and YUL’s offset and slot codes. We will learn how to use the Sload opcode and YUL’s offset and slot codes together.

Learn EVM Opcodes XI

Mapping storage in solidity ! To get slot index of the mapping’s value under it is given the key.

Solidity Programming Language



Solidity Programming Language

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