Where does UNI come from?

In this short story, I will try to explain UNI minting process with etherscan’s datas.

In genesis , it is created UNI in the uniswap space. The date is exactly 14/09/2020. Where does this information come from ?

Uniswap Protocol: Deployer”, 14 transactions have been realized in this protocol.


400.000.000 UNI to “0x8fdb3816fe10e16aaa9b12b3c4688c873efe2eca

and this account directly sent this UNI to the 84 person/institutions.

400.000.000 UNI to “0x8fdb3816fe10e16aaa9b12b3c4688c873efe2eca

172.000.000 UNI to “Uniswap Protocol: TreasuryVester”,

This account sent 75.000.000 of UNI to the “Uniswap V2: UNI Timelock”.

TreasuryVester has 95.000.000 UNI now.

150.000.000 UNI to “Uniswap: Token Distributor”,

This account sent 132.000.000 UNI to users as a airdrop.

Token Distributor has 18.000.000 UNI now

129.000.000 UNI to “this account”, and 129.000.000 UNI is here now


86.000.000 UNI to “this account”, and 86.000.000 UNI is here now.


43.000.000 UNI to “this account”, and 43.000.000 UNI is here now.


20.000.000 UNI to “this account”.

This account sent this UNI to four different pool ( ETH/DAI, ETH/WBTC, ETH/USDC, ETH/USDT) in uniswap.


ETH/DAI UNI Pool — minted -4.990.000 UNI

ETH/WBTC Pool- minted- 4.997.000 UNI

ETH/USDC Pool — minted- 4.980.000 UNI

ETH/USDT Pool -minted -4.975.000 UNI

Dr. Engin YILMAZ @veridelisi

My algoritm says that there is nearly 550 million (1 billion — 449 million)UNI circulating in uniswap space.Nevertheless, etherscan says that 519 million UNI. :)


Thank you for listening to me. Special thanks to Hayden Adams because he didnt reply my questions.

Engin YILMAZ / 2021 / Ankara @veridelisi

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